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Let Mark Crossfield or Coach Lockey examine your swing on YouTube and give advice about how to fix your faults. Top rated coaching for free? I'll have some of that.

We won't lie: Mark and Coach get a lot of swing fixes to look at. And they can't possibly look at all of them. To ensure the best chance of having your swing analysed and shown on YouTube please bear in mind the following:

  • Your swing will be shown on Mark's YouTube channel . If you don't want to appear publicly or want to have a more in depth conversation please consider contacting them for lessons
  • The camera should be placed at hip height and the whole body should be in frame through the entire swing
  • Having footage from straight down the line and in front is best
  • Please ensure the shot is well lit
  • If possible edit your video to just the swing.
  • When completing the form please provide as much detail as is possible. It will make for better analysis
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